Microsoft’s HoloLens is Poised to Change the World of Headset Wearables

Think of the HoloLens as a computer with a desktop that is as big as the room that you are in. That’s right, the HoloLens knows how big your room is, and you interact with your programs by gesturing and using voice controls.

Microsoft's HoloLens

For example, if you want to communicate with someone via Skype or watch a video, you can just program the screen to appear on whatever wall that you want. You can also arrange 3-D images that only you can see, and so your room becomes a virtual workspace.

In short, the HoloLens is plucked right from science-fiction, and it is essentially a personal holodeck for your head. Yeah, you can quote me on that.

I hope that Microsoft gets to work and makes the HoloLens available to the public very soon. Hopefully, it won’t be made for a select few like the Google Glass, and will not be too expensive. This could be the next biggest thing.

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