Best Wearable MedTech Devices for Tracking & Tracing Covid-19

Wearable tech is being used to track and contact trace Covid-19. Here are some of the best “track and trace” smartwatches on the market today.

Best Wearable MedTech Devices for Tracking & Tracing Covid-19

By Karen Smith

Contact tracing is extremely important for people who work in healthcare and aged care, as they are not only more at risk of contracting the virus but also passing it on to vulnerable patients who are elderly or have respiratory illnesses.

However, it’s not just contact tracing that’s important – early detection of the virus is important for everyone on the planet, and the key to reducing the spread of the virus.

Here is a list of the best wearable MedTech devices that can be used for contact tracing or tracking of Covid-19.


MePACS Solo Smartwatch for Tracking and Tracing Covid-19

This wearable smartwatch is an ideal smart device for contact tracing, especially for those who work in aged care that are in constant contact with elderly people who are at highest risk of dying from the virus.

For businesses it can keep staff and patients safe as well as improve business continuity..

MePACS Solo uses geofencing and GPS technology to determine where a person has been working, how often they work there and how long they spend in a particular location.

If an outbreak were to appear, the online portal can provide reports instantly in realtime, enabling the organisation to make proactive decisions about quarantining quickly.

The MePACS Solo smartwatch also doubles as a personal duress alarm, so if the wearer is in trouble, they can activate an alert which connects to the response centre that something is wrong. 

This smartwatch is also perfect for seniors as it can automatically detect falls and features two-way communication, enabling the wearer to get quickly get help if they’re unable to move.

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Estimote ‘Proof of Health’ Products

Estimote ‘Proof of Health’ Products for Tracking and Tracing Covid-19

A New York based start-up Estimote, has developed a range of products called ‘Proof of Health’ specifically for contact tracing.

The devices they have designed include a pebble version that can be clipped to a lanyard, wrist-worn version and a card format which is compact and can be carried with the person’s ID.

Data from these devices is stored on a health dashboard that provides detailed information of possible contacts for centralised management.

If a person becomes sick, they can update their health status which then updates those that they have come into contact with. For the time being, these products are only used within an organisation.

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Northwestern University’s Wearable Device

Northwestern University's Wearable Device for Tracking and Tracing Covid-19

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a wearable MedTeach device that can detect early signs of Covid-19 infection.

As fever, coughing and difficulty breathing often suggest that the person may have the virus, this wearable device looks like a band-aid and sits at the base of the throat.

The device monitors coughing intensity, chest movements, heart rate and body temperature. 

This ingenious wearable device was developed to help frontline healthcare workers to help catch the Coronavirus in its early stages.

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CarePredict Tempo

CarePredict Tempo Covid-19 Tack and Trace Device

The CarePredict Tempo smartwatch is designed to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in places such as nursing homes and senior living facilities.

Their technology, called PinPoint, can quickly identify which residents, staff and visitors are exposed to someone carrying the virus.

The CarePredict Tempo wearable device is useful to both workers and residents as it’s able to detect falls which can get a senior help quickly in an emergency.

CarePredict’s location tracing also shows which locations have been exposed, as the Coronavirus is known to linger in the air and on surfaces hours after a person has left the area.

CarePredict also shows which areas should be disinfected before anyone is able to enter those areas again.

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Author Bio: Karen Smith has been working for MePACS as the Head of Sales and Marketing for the last four years and has over 20 years experience in health, technology, digital and finance industries.

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