eBay App Comes to the Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch came out, the big question was what kinds of applications it would have. After all, if Apple really wanted to sell this smartwatch to customers, then they are going to have to have apps on it that people are going to use on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Fortunately, eBay has come to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Ebay App

It has already come to the Samsung Gear and Pebble, and it is about time that you get a notification for alerts and auctions so its users can make some quick bids. This is good for any time you have to make some quick bids and beat those snipers who are trying to outbid you.

In addition to that feature, the eBay application allows for users to reply to messages with voice dictation, as well as keep tabs on top-level buying and selling activity.

Right now, the eBay application is available on the App Store today, and you can check it out and purchase it for yourself. Now, here is a question that I would like to ask: Can you use the application to set up auctions?

Seriously, I have never used my smartphone to take pictures of my items, and then set up auctions for them. I have used my smartphones to check on auctions, check on bids, as well as respond to queries. If eBay could set up something that would make that process simple on my watch, then I’m all over that.

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