The Apple Watch 3 Has landed – Here’s What You Need to Know

Apple is making progress with its Apple Watch 3 and has launched Apple Watch series 3.

One thing that might be teasing Apple Watch users is exactly what the new Apple Watch can do better in comparison to its previous version. Even though not really one big re-invention, Apple Watch has really made a big leap in the forward direction.

Given below is everything that you should know about the new Apple Watch before deciding to choose it for yourself.

You Can Make Phone-Free Calls With Apple Watch 3

Make Phone-Free Calls With Apple Watch 3 Out for workout and want some urgent motivational chat? The Apple Watch series 3 having cellular capabilities will allow you to make the phone calls right from the wrist. You don’t really need to go back and grab your iPhone 8 for that.

Your new Apple Watch 3 is able to do that courtesy an eSIM that shares those same numbers you have on your iPhone. One of the best thing about these calls is that you’re not required to bring the mic of your Apple Watch close to the face whenever you have to speak up.

In live demo, one of the Apple representatives talked to someone paddleboarding. The new feature really makes your smartwatch a proper standalone little gadget. Your cellular connection will also be used for different other things such as streaming music or following directions on the map.

Cellular Version Of Apple Watch Will Be EE Exclusive For The UK

Cellular Version Of Apple Watch Those looking to have Apple Watch with cellular capabilities will need a contract for it separately and in UK it will be available only from EE in the beginning. It has been confirmed by EE that you will have to buy two contracts separately for the Apple Watch 3 and the smartphone.

Cellular functionality can be enjoyed on Apple Watch with one contract dedicated to watch while a SIM-only or Pay Monthly contract will be needed for iPhone 6 or a later version. And for cellular contract for Apple Watch 3, users will have to pay £5 a month. This won’t offer data roaming also and the users will be able to use the data in UK only.

The New Apple Watch Series 3 Looks Identical To The Previous Model

Apple Watch Series 3 Looks Identical To The Previous Model As it appears, ‘Apple Watch 3 coming with all-new form factor’ was nothing but a rumor – until the next year, at least. Physically, the Series 3 Apple Watch looks quite identical to Series 2, other than red-colored digital crown in cellular version.

As for the case, even with cellular radio, it appears identical to the previous model in terms of size as only 0.25 mm is added to that crystal bump on the rear.

Your Apple Watch Can Stream The Apple Music For You

Apple Watch Can Stream Among the many cool things that can be accomplished with the cellular connection on Apple Watch Series 3 one is that it lets you stream music using entire Music library of Apple. What this means is that you can have access to 40 million amazing songs right from your Apple Watch 3.

Just combine your Apple Watch with Airpods (or any Bluetooth headphones out there), and you will have a really wonderful iPod nano successor right there on your wrist to enjoy some wonderful tunes on the go. And, believe it or not, you won’t have to carry your smartphone along either.

Only thing that you might not like is that you can’t play music from Spotify app on your Apple Watch.

It Lets You Enjoy Everything That Comes With Latest watchOS 4

If you have already reviewed the latest watchOS 4 from Apple, you’d know what great new things are coming along. And, with it being available from 19th of September, you can very much enjoy using it on your Apple Watch series 3.

The watchOS update seems to be slight reinvention to add functionality to your Apple Watch. With new watch faces, hear rate info, flashlight, activity features, and much more along the list, you really can enjoy using your new Apple Watch with watchOS 4.

In fact, fitness fans will also love it with new auto-count options available for swimming sets, triathlon mode, as well as a few graphs available for recovery and resting heart rates.

Siri On Apple Watch 3 Can Talk Back Now

Siri in Apple Watch New processor that has been introduced for the latest Apple Watch gives it many wonderful capabilities and one of them is that Siri can be able to talk back now and communicate to you in response to your queries.

Previously, it only used to respond in the form of text using a font in size 3 which wasn’t quite welcoming at all. Now your virtual-assistant on your wrist can go everywhere with you and you can have complete conversations with it right from your wrist

It Will Be Available From September 22

Will Be Available From September 22 If everything described above about the new Apple Watch Series 3 has already won your heart, you must be ready to grab one for yourself. Well, you don’t really have to wait too long for that as it will be available from September 22.

You can pre-order the Apple Watch 3 starting from 15th of September 2017.

Just hit that pre-order button right away and book your Apple Watch now!

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