wiWare wiTraveler Will Charge Your Apple Watch

Most people have a mobile battery for their smartphone or tablet, simply because most devices don’t last a full day on the road, when they really need to be used. Considering that the Apple Watch is another mobile device that will get a lot of play during the day, shouldn’t there be some kind of mobile battery for that?

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Well, now there is a device specifically designed for this purpose with the All-In-One Travel Charger for the Apple Watch called the wiTraveler. You won’t need to have your charging cable or an AC outlet with this.

The wiTraveler (no relation to the Nintendo Wii) is a compact unit that doubles as a watch stand, with a built-in wireless power interface for the Apple Watch. Not only does it have a rechargeable battery as well as a flip-out AC plug. My source says that this wiTraveler will keep the Apple Watch into a recharging position when stored in a purse or laptop case.

The wiTraveler has recharge cycles while unplugged, and it is suitable for both the 38 or 42 millimeter models of the Apple Watch, and works with all the bands and styles. You should be able to get it for about $79.

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