The Apple “Spring Forward” Event Finalizes Apple Watch Details

It’s here: Everything you’ve been waiting to find out about the Apple Watch

Ever since the Apple Watch was announced back in September, there have been some things that haven’t been revealed about it, such as the release date, the price, battery life, and other features. On March 9th, 2015, Tim Cook took the stage in San Francisco at a “Spring Forward” event in order to fill in some of the details.

Apple Watch Launch Party

Apple Watch Price Tag

Today, we know the price, the minimum at least. The 38 mm model will be $349, and then there will be another 42 mm version (an Apple Watch Plus?) for about $399. There will be mid-level models for about $549 to $1,099. Then there is a luxury 18 karat gold edition for $10,000.

Apple Watch Release Date

So let’s talk about the Apple Watch release date: The Apple Watch can be pre-ordered on April 10th, and it will be available worldwide at Apple Stores in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom on April 24th.

Apple Watch Battery Life

Another big looming question is how long the battery life will be. Tim Cook wanted to let Apple users know that it will be good for 18 hours. By the way, it will have a charger cradle that will charge it magnetically as it clicks into place on the back of the watch.

Apple Watch Features

  • Tim Cook also talked about the many features of the Apple Watch. Tim stated that developers have been working on thousands of applications since the company released tools last November.
  • Just to let you know, you will need iOS 8.2 in order to get the Apple Watch to work. In fact, iOS 8.2 adds the Apple Watch to your iPhone so it can pair with the Apple Watch. Fortunately, it is available as of today.
  • Some of the applications will include one that can get you information about your reservation at a Starwood hotel room, and then unlock the room door from the notification on the watch. No stop at the front desk needed.
  • In addition to all these features, the Apple Watch doubles as a fitness band. Introducing the functionality on stage was none other than Chirsty Turlington Burns, a supermodel who wants to beat the London Marathon in less than four hours. She says that the “Apple Watch is going to help me get there”.
  • Then there is one feature that Tim Cook has wanted since he was five years old: it can take phone calls.

With Apple setting the standard, will they set the standard for smartwatches like they did for tablets? Let’s check back in a year.

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