Android Apps that (Actually) Work Well with Android Wear

Android Wear can work with a lot of Android applications for giving notifications, but a few particular Android applications work well with what Android Wear can do and should be checked out.

Android Apps that Work Well with Android Wear

I’ll start with an all-purpose application known are IFTTT. If you want a map of your current location, you can tap the face to email yourself a good map. The user can also get weather reports sent directly to the wrist, mute the phone’s ringtone, not to mention configure message and calling shortcuts.

Another all-purpose application is Tockle. It allows the user to activate events in Tasker, as well enabling shortcuts for sending SMS messages. The best part is how you can set up whatever you want with a vocal command or tap of the screen.

Speaking of all purpose applications, I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Evernote. The version for Android Wear will allow the user to check his or her notes, deal with user-made checklists, as well as finding notes associated with the user’s current location.

Then there are fitness apps like Runtastic. It provides compatibility with many features that can be accessed directly from the watch face.

This is about four applications that are sure to please Android Wear users. Feel free to leave a comment if you know any good Android Wear applications that I left out.

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