Best 5 Smartwatches of 2015… So Far

2015 is rapidly becoming the year of the smartwatch, and that has led to a proliferation of brands entering the market all at once, but what are the best smartwatches of 2015 (so far)?

Some brands place an emphasis on their overall functionality, while others try to strike a stylistic balance. All of the major smartwatch models offer Wi-Fi and 3G/4G features, and they’re designed to work seamlessly with your phone. The big differences, ultimately, come down to price, fashion and the user’s preference for a particular operating system.

By Tim Smith

Whether you’re looking for a smaller, wearable version of a smartphone or a clever version of a traditional watch, these five smartwatches each have something special to offer.

Asus VivoWatch

Asus VivoWatch Smartwatch 2015

For folks looking for a smartwatch with features and an appearance more in line with existing smartphones, the folks at Asus have built the VivoWatch. It uses a proprietary operating system rather than the Android-based OS that many smartphones employ, and that might present problems for people who are looking for more obscure apps. It is, however, purported to offer up to 10 days of battery life between recharges. It is expected to retail in the neighborhood of $180.

Tag Heuer Smartwatch

smartwatch2Tag Heuer Smartwatch 2015

If you’re hoping to find something at the opposite end of the scale, the upcoming smartwatch from Tag Heuer, a major luxury watch brand, might be for you. The Swiss watch manufacturer is expected to release a smartwatch in time for the Christmas holiday season. It is reported to run on the Android operating system and will retail for around $1,400. The design is expected to be consistent with the brand’s higher end offerings.

Samsung Gear

Samsung Gear Samsung 2015

There will doubtlessly be those worried about buying a new smart device from a manufacturer that has just entered the market. Samsung has, arguably, been the company that has done the most to bring smart devices to the masses, and they also have a number of appealing smartwatch options available under their Samsung Gear emblem.

The company intends to stay true to its roots, using the Android operating system to run their watches. A variety of versions for different purposes, such as fitness, will be available, and they retail for between $150 and $650.

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2015

No discussion of smart devices would be complete without mentioning the products from Apple. The recently introduced Apple Watch leverages the company’s popular iOS interface, and it ups the game in terms of simplicity and elegance of design. Naturally, Apple has worked hard to integrate the watch with its other iOS offerings, such as the iPhone. It currently retails for around $350.

Breitling B55 Connected

Breitling B55 Connected

Niche market watchmakers are also showing interest in the smartwatch sector, and the engineers at Breitling, best known for its watches aimed at pilots and other members of the aviation industry, are no exception. The Breitling B55 Connected is designed to look like a complicated piece of machinery and hold up under adverse conditions. The B55 is specifically designed to interface with smartphones in order to offer an expanded experience. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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