Leaked iPhone App “Companion” Reveals More of the Apple Watch

One of the issues with the Apple Watch is how easy it will be to interact with it. With its small screen, it certainly looks difficult to type on it. A leaked Apple Watch application known as “Companion” gives some details on how this could work.


So, how about that lack of a keyboard? Well, just answer instant messages with the power of voice, and you can do default text replies. There will be a VoiceOver feature that speaks any text that appears on the screen.

My Source also reveals that part of the interface will be a customizable clock face. Notifications will be accomplished with the help of a red dot that will appear on the clock, and you can track a stock by watching activity on the clock face.

In case you are worried about security, you can set up a four-number passcode, just like on your smartphone. If you enter in the passcode wrong 10 times, there will be an option to wipe the data on the watch.

This companion app apparently shows the available storage of the watch as well as the number of songs, photos, and apps on it. Somehow you’ll be able to manage all apps from the Apple Watch homescreen. However, since the application is called “Companion”, doesn’t this imply that you could perhaps control the Apple Watch from the iPhone or iPad screen.

Okay, that last thought was just by own opinion, but doesn’t that sound like something an app called “Companion” would do? I suppose that we will find out when the Apple Watch is released in the Spring.

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