Basis Peak is a Heavyweight Fitness & Sleep Tracker

If you have never heard of Basis, let me start by telling you that they have been acquired by a company that you might have heard of, Intel. If you are interested in a new type of Fitness band, Basis has you covered with the Peak, a semi-sequel to Basis other fitness bracelet, the Band.

The Intel influence shows as it is packed with sensors that track movement, sweat, heat dissipation, blood flow, and heart rate. The Peak has a Bluetooth LE radio which allows it to sync automatically with an iOS and Android application.

If you want to go swimming with the Peak, you can do that. It can actually track the aforementioned vitals, but the heart rate sensor shuts off while you are under water. By the way, the Basis Peak also works as a sleep tracker as well.

Another big upgrade from the Band is the…band. Yes, it is an upgrade, and it also has a new thinner form with an LCD touchscreen. What is very interesting is how that the Peak does not have any buttons. Yeah, it is all about the Gorilla Glass touchscreen that will give the user controls. By the way, the Peak can charge magnetically.

The Basis Peak should be available sometime in November for about $199.

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