Microsoft Enters Fitness Band Market with “The Band”

At last year’s CES, there was so many fitness bands, that they took up a huge section on the show floor. Microsoft, who didn’t appear at CES this year, has not shown any plan for the fitness band, until now.

Their fitness band, simply called “The Band”, is a fitness tracker that can pair with a Windows phone. I was not surprised by that, but what I am surprised is that the Band can pair with both iOS and Android phones as well.

So what can it do? It has ten sensors like a GPS, heart rate monitor, and so many others for tracking the user’s fitness and sleep. It will do the whole gamut like track calories burned and even give the user completely new workout plans with the Microsoft Health application. After your exercise is done, it will take your data to the cloud for an even better calculation of your health in general.

The interface is a very small touchscreen that the user slides his or her finger for interaction. Like most smartwatches, the Band will give notifications by pairing with your phone via Bluetooth for missed calls and your personal calendar. Expect to feel a buzz on the wrist when something important will happen.

You should be able to get the Microsoft Band right now for a price of $200, which is somewhat low compared to all that it can do.

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