Google Creating Health Monitor for Doctors, Not Consumers

We all know that Google is up to all kinds of pet projects, with their Google X experimental research division. One of them is this new health tracker.

This device is made to measure pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, not to mention light exposure and noise levels.

Google Health Tracker Smartwatch
It has a sensor-packed wristband that is not really designed for consumers, but made more for patients to wear the band during clinical trials and drug tests, so that this data can be used by medical researchers and physicians. Also, doctors can get a complete picture of patients’ activity as it relates to their health, even if they don’t come by the office for an examination.

So this device is still in its experimental device, but there will be a lot of of researchers and drugmakers who will want this information. In fact, there is already talk about whether or not this information could be used for data mining, so there could be a lot of people like drug companies getting info about you.

Personally, I can believe that any sort of technological development in this personal health wristband is going to affect how fitness bands are made, and very soon, that band around your wrist will be able to really detect what is up with you.

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