HM6 Space Pirate is One Expensive Watch

This “dumb” watch is the HM6 Space Pirate, designed by a company known as MB & F.

The HM6 Space Pirate has five separate domes that can display the actual time, and it was apparently inspired by a some animated TV show called Captain Future. I have to admit that I have never heard of that, but he was a science fiction pulp character from the forties and fifties. Apparently, he was adapted to anime in the late seventies, and I wonder if the Captain wore this watch to look…futuristic.

MB&F Space Pirate Watch

So what does it do besides tell time? Well, my Source says it has “a flying tourbillon that can be protected from UV light with a retractable shield, and a pair of vaned turbines that actually spin to help absorb energy and reduce wear and tear on the Space Pirate’s self-winding mechanisms.”

What really makes this really expensive, and I’m talking $230,000, is the milled titanium which is the result of 100 hours of brushing and polishing. Yeah, it is that expensive. And you thought that gold Apple Watch was up there. By the way, only 50 of these watches will be made.

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