Tim Cook Says Apple Watch Will Require Daily Charging

Tim Cook has been saying a lot lately. He recently came out and said that he is gay, but he also talked about the latest of Apple’s announcements like the iPhone 6, Apple Pay, iPad Air 2, and the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Charging Dock Station

When the Apple Watch was announced, there were a lot of things that were not announced. That is, there were not very specific hardware specifications, and there wasn’t a lot of demonstrations of the operating systems. There was a vague specification that it would require charging at least once per day, and Tim Cook has confirmed that.

The exact quote is “you’re going to wind up charging it daily.” I think it’s interesting that he says “wind”, but I would imagine that the user doesn’t just wind it like a traditional watch. There really hasn’t been any demonstration of how to charge the Apple Watch. I just assumed there was a port for the Lightning connector, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some charging cable of some type.

Wooden Apple Watch Charging Dock

If it has to be charged daily, then I’m guessing most users will just remove their watch and just charge it while they sleep. Most people do that with their smartphones, in spite of warnings not to do so because of the danger of overcharging.

I suppose that we will find out in 2015, and I’ve heard the earliest release date is February and the latest being the springtime.

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