Will Microsoft Smartwatch Be Next “Big Brand” Announcement?

Samsung has smartwatches with models like the Gear 2. Apple just announced that they will have their Apple Watch next year. Of course, this means that Microsoft just has to have one, and it has been rumored for a long time that the company was going to have a smartwatch.

Now the rumor is that Microsoft may unveil this smartwatch in “a few weeks”. This is according to a Forbes report, which also has a lot to say about the features of Microsoft’s supposed smartwatch.

The Microsoft smartwatch will have much health-tracking capabilities including a heart-rate monitor. Considering that most smartwatches have this feature, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

The real surprise is that this device is reportedly capable of supporting several mobile platforms such as Google Android and the Apple Watch iOS. In all honesty, I am surprised that I am not hearing any reports of Microsoft working on their own smartwatch operating system that is only compatible with Windows phones.

Another rumor is the duration of run-time, which could be up to two days without charging. I believe that is double what the Apple Watch will do.

Well, if all these rumors are true, then perhaps the supposed date of release is also true. Supposedly, it could be available before the holiday season, beating out the Apple Watch by about a month.

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