Pebble Users Can Now Use Emojis

As I have reported on before, Pebble’s update with their Firmware 2.5 is now compatible with iOS 8. It means that you can scroll through your notifications a lot easier, but it also opens up a whole world of emojis.

In case you didn’t know, notifications on the Pebble used to come up as a blank, at least for the more complex emojis. This apparently does not happen anymore. Granted, you won’t see them in color due to the Pebble’s monochrome display, but at least they are there. So if you are the type who just has to have those emoji’s to communicate, then you should feel free to send them to your Pebble smartwatch user.

Pebble emojis

In addition to the new emoji feature, there is a compass feature. I’m not certain what that means, but my Source says that Pebble is connected to the magnetometer’s SDK. I am assuming that there will be a way to get the compass to point north.

Another thing that Pebble has brought back is the famous DOMO watch face, because of a partnership with Big Tent Entertainment. For example, you can have a Domo within the mouth of a Domo, or have the time in its mouth.

If you are a Pebble user, you should get to downloading the firmware now and start emoji-ing like crazy!

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