Apple’s New “iTime” Smartwatch Patent is All About the Strap

Of course, everyone wants to hear about the iWatch that has been rumored for years, but generally, all we hear is more rumors. Sometimes it is good to follow the United States Patent and Trademark Office and see if anything can be learned, and we have learned that Apple has just received a patent for a “smart strap.”

You heard me right, a smart strap. Leave it to Apple to think different about the most non-technical feature of the smartwatch. Apparently, this “smart strap” will be equipped with all kinds of sensors and controls.


According to my source, this device which is often referred to as the “iTime” is “a convertible device that incorporates both a central unit that can be removed and used separately from its strap, and the strap itself, which could add features to the central component, including GPS modules, Wi-Fi radios and haptic feedback motors for vibration notifications.”

My source also compares this device to a wrist straps that were made for the sixth generation iPod nano which transfer data wirelessly between an iPad and iPhone. These types of straps were popular Kickstarter projects.

So what does this tell us? The iWatch could come in two parts, the main part, which could be a very small iPhone.


The other part could be the strap itself, which could be equipped with sensors which could lead to some interesting gesture controls. Gesture controls such as answering a call with a flick of a wrist, for instance.

Whatever the case, I’m sure that Apple’s attempt to conquer the smartwatch market will have to be a product so unique that it will outshine the competition. Why not a fancy iStrap?

In the meantime, and watch this video from Jimmy Kimmel Live showing how ordinary people on Hollywood Boulevard can think a £10/$20 Casio watch with an Apple logo stick could be an iWatch. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

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