Todoist Application comes to Android Wear

I’m sure that most of you use your smartphones to really organize your life. The whole purpose of a smartwatch is to make certain that you are getting your notifications, and it is just handy to have a to do list, for your wrist. Fortunately, a productivity application known as Todoist now supports Android Wear.

Todoist app

Now, I downloaded Todoist on my smartphone, and it is a pretty handy to-do list appliaction for the phone, talbet, desktop, browser, Gmail, and more. Yes, I got that from the official Google Play entry, but I’m going to add “Android Wear smartwatch” to the list.

Entering in a to-do item will sync the tasks on all devices, and it places it on the cloud. Not only can you use the Todoist on your Android Wear will track all your projects and sub-projects, but with Android Wear on the smartwatch, it is location-aware. For example, my Source says that Android Wear will use the GPS to buzz the watch when you drive near a selected store.

The best part about it using ToDoist on Android Wear, is that you can just say “OK Google”, launch the application, and then add a task. In short, you never have an excuse to forget anything, because your watch can record what you can do much better than that elusive pad and paper that you can never find when you need it. Now this is what we make smartwatches for!

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