Apple iWatch: Five Things You’ll Want to Know

Sometimes tech rumors arise, and there is just no stopping them.  Every once in a while, you will see pictures of some new device on a tech blog, and then a few months later, you’re holding that device in your hand.  One of them is the legendary and hopefully not mythical iWatch. Apple’s iWatch will, quite obviously,  be the leading brand within the smartwatch bubble, but what do we know about it?

So far, I have heard these things about Apple’s iWatch smartwatch:

1. The iWatch is probably coming in October

I believe that the iPhone 6 is planned for unveiling in September, and it would be weird if Apple had two big announcements in the space of a month.  Granted, it seems just more practical to announce the big news together, but I am sure the new version of the iPad has to be in there somewhere.

2. No one can agree on the screen size

Most smartwatches have a screen with a greater-than-one-inch diagonal, but many have speculated that the iWatch could have a 2.5 inch screen.  There are also rumors that it will be curved to fit the wrist.  Considering LG and Samsung have smartphones with curved screens, it will be interesting to see what Apple does with a screen that is not flat.

3.  The major feature will be Voice Messaging

Have you ever seen people talking into their phone just to leave a text message?  This is handy if you are on the go, but the iWatch would allow you to just “talk to the hand”.  If this rumor is true, then the voice recognition software will have to be more than just today’s state-of-the-art in order to leave text messages by voice alone.

What will the Apple iWatch look like

4. Fitness will be a high priority

Considering that the fitness band market is pretty big right now, it stands to reason that the iWatch can double as a body monitor.  I’ve heard rumors that Apple is working with professional superstars like Kobe Bryant to see how it is working.  I hope they are paying these spokespersons/athletes enough.

5. It will dominate the market

Sure, the iPhone and iPad are big dominators in the tablet market, but the smartwatch market already has some pretty good product out there.  The question is whether Apple can dominate this market in spite of being late to the smartwatch race?  I suppose that we shall see.

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