New Apple Watch Could Have Video Capability

Now that the Apple Watch has been on sale since April, it is a good time to talk about how it is really going with Apple’s attempt to corner the smartwatch, and what is going to come next.

Gold Apple Watch Face

It is been researched from Slice Intelligence that over 2.8 million have bought the Apple Watch. Considering that Strategy Analytics that predicted that Apple would ship 15.4 million Apple Watch units this year. Just to let you know, 12.7 million units for all the other smartwatch makers sell per year. I guess Apple is on the right track, especially with consumers being able to order the smartwatch online and the holiday season not yet upon us.

There is some new features being considered for the second generation of the Apple Watch, and one of them is a wireless chip allowing greater independence from the iPhone. Another possible feature would include a video camera. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether or not the battery life is going to get an upgrade.

So what would a video camera on the Apple Watch do? Try FaceTime. After all, even Dick Tracy didn’t have a video on his two-way radio watch. Yes, I am assuming that most of us decided to make a smartwatch after seeing Dick Tracy. Then there is an untapped market of smartwatch videos, which I have no idea is a thing.

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