Apple Watch Expands to More Countries and Will Hit Retail Stores

When the Apple Watch was first out, it was only going to be available by appointment only at Apple Stores. As it stands, Apple’s Watch hasn’t really hit brick-and-mortar stores within about a week. The company announced that the Apple Watch will hit retail stores, which means that it will be possible to just walk up to a counter and your local something-Mart and walk out with the Apple Watch on the wrist.

Apple Watch in Apples Stores

For those who have already ordered the Apple Watch, all orders place through May via Apple’s online store will “ship to customers within two weeks”. This comes from Jeff Williams, Apple senior vice president of operations, and the only exceptions will be the 42 mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet Apple Watch model.

In addition to that, the Apple Watch will be expanding its availability to seven more countries that includes Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, and Taiwan. That will start on June 26th, and it is currently available in China, France, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Recent research from IHS reported that shipments on smartwatch displays will jump 250 percent year-over-year to 34 million units in 2015. The Apple Watch alone will contribute to 49 percent of those shipments worldwide.

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