Asus Unveils the ZenWatch, and it is a Thing of Beauty

Last week in Berlin, one of the biggest consumer electronics shows known annually as IFA took place, and Asus unveiled their smartwatch: the ZenWatch.

asus-zenwatch-back end

The ZenWatch is powered by Google’s Android Wear operating system, that new OS that the big G designed for wearables and first applied to the LG G Watch.

We once said that many of the first generation smartwatches don’t look very classy, and we believe that the ZenWatch could start a new trend as its strap is stitched leather. As for the body, it is curved stainless steel.

If the body is curved, does that mean that the face is as well? We believe that it is, and it has a measurement of 1.63 inches. The display is a 320 x 320 resolution, and there is a heart-rate scanner in the form of a sensor on the front of the watch as well. This really is a very smart watch.

As for its other features, they are quite numerous. According to one of our sources, it can show notifications, trigger smartphone cameras, control music playback, navigate, count footsteps, monitor heart rate, find a misplaced phone, unlock a nearby phone, and control slides in a presentation.

The interesting thing about this watch is that there is no micro-USB port like on other smartwatches, as it comes with a special charging cradle.

As far as the price goes, I have heard “around €199”, with no word on availability dates or locations.

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