The Wrist List: Top 5 Fitness Trackers of 2014

When I attended CES last January in Las Vegas, all of the big companies were on display to show off whatever products that they intended to put out this year. In the health and fitness section of the convention, it seemed that every company had a fitness band, but which are the best?

Here we shed light on the Top 5 Fitness Trackers of 2014

1. Fitbit Flex Fitness Band

Fitbit Flex Review and Functionality

The Flex is designed to keep track of steps, distance, calories burned, as well as active minutes. It has LED lights that allow you to track daily progress of your goals. The Flex can also monitor how you sleep, and it also includes a silent wake alarm. The Fitbit Flex works with several fitness apps and you can log your food, weight, and more on the Fitbit website or Fitbit’s own app. It has a battery life of 4-5 days and will cost you about £70/$100 usd. Another popular product from the Fitbit company is the Force which has an OLED display.

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2. Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker

Jawbone UP24 Activity Tracker

Jawbone made a name for itself with Bluetooth products like the speakers and headsets. There are no LED indicator lights for displaying daily activity or sleep patterns on the UP24. It does have Bluetooth connectivity to sync with Apple iOS mobile products, but only selected Android devices. It is very durable, and it has a 7-day battery life. Like the Flex, it also has Bluetooth 4.0 and costs about £100/$150.

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3. Nike Fuelband SE

Nike Fuelband SE Review

Nike definitely has brand recognition working for it with this fitness tracker made just for sports lovers. It has a white LED display for counting steps, calories, and Nike’s metric currency Fuel points, a way to “gamify” the user’s fitness experience. The battery is designed to last 6-7 days, and it has a water-resistant design. You should be able to get it for about £100/$149.

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4. Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

The biggest selling point of the Polar Loop is that it can sync with a heart rate monitor, the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor. The Loop has a red display that can inform the user of the time, and it also has a step counter, and track distance and calories. It can also monitor rest and sleep, and the Loop can sync with its own Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth. Another added bonus is that it is waterproof for swimming and it has a 5 day battery life. You can purchase the Polar Loop for about £80/$129.

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5. Basis Carbon Steel Edition Fitness Tracker

Basis Carbon Steel Edition Band

This particular fitness band might not be attached to a big company like the Jawbone and Nike fitness bands, but it is marketed to those who are serious about incorporating fitness into their ordinary lives. The Basis Band is made to look like a smartwatch, which means that it will give a better readout than fitness bands with LED indicators. The Basis uses a “point system” to make certain that the user is achieving his or her goals. It can also track sleeping patterns thanks to four sensors, and it will cost about £100/$150.

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