CarePredict Presents the Tempo Health Tracker for Seniors

Fundable has a new project from CarePredict known as the Tempo, which is a fitness tracker made for seniors.

Yes, this is a definite niche audience, and this wrist-worn sensor is made for monitoring the elderly. For example, if you are looking out for your grandmother who is ailing, you can map out a general schedule for the day, and see when she doesn’t manage to follow it.

As I mentioned before, this is a crowdfunded project, which means it will take your money to put it on the market. It plans to come with a wireless charging plate, as well as room beacons so that the data received can be uploaded to the cloud so it can be accessed easier.

You should be able to send about £120/$170 to the Fundable site and get in on this fitness tracker for seniors early.

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