Sony SmartBand 2

Of course, everyone is getting into the smartwatch business these days, or at least the smartband. In the case of Sony, their new smartband is the SmartBand 2.

Sony SmartBand 2

Sony is calling this device a “multi-sensor lifelogger”, and this is because it gives people a “more data-driven view of fitness, stress levels, and overall well-being”. Of course, there is an application to sync along with this, and the Lifelog app can tracked data tied to when the band’s owner takes pics, listens to music, or anything else that you want to do while on your mobile device.

The SmartBand 2 will buzz for notifications like a lot of smartwatches, and you might notice that is missing something that a lot of smartwatches have: a screen.

There is one drawback, according to my source, and that is the battery life. The SmartBand 2 apparently is only good for two days, which is a step down for the first model that was good for five days. It also isn’t as good as its competitors, but it least it has the waterproofing thing going on.

As far as the release date is concerned, we are looking at sometime next month. As for a price, it will be a bit more expensive than last year’s model at $135.

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