Guess and Martian Team Up to Create New Smartwatch

I’m certain that you have heard of Guess, as their labels are on jeans anything else that represents high fashion. I “guess” it is only natural that this fashion company will partner with Martian Watches to create an “interactive, voice-command wrist accessory”.


According to our source, Martian Watches also intends to make “sexy designs smart”, and not try to make smartwatches that mimic the smartphone. If it is anything like the Martian Watches Notifier, which shows notifications on the face of the watch with a tiny little banner. So far, Martian Watches work with both iOS and Android, and I would imagine that this new Guess/Martian watch will work and look similar to the Notifier.

I’m certain that Guess isn’t the only fashion company that will partner with a smartwatch company to produce some kind of new brand of product. In fact, I highly recommend that Levis, Jordache, and all other fashion companies that I really don’t know about jump on the smartwatch market. I almost want to ask what they are waiting for.

There isn’t any word on when this new type of smartwatch will be available, but our source projects that it will be sometime in early 2015. If that is true, then I would imagine it will be on display at CES next year. If so, I look forward to seeing it then, and I can’t help but wonder how the quickly-changing landscape of smartwatches will have changed by then.

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