The Meta M1 Smartwatch is a Thing of Beauty

The Meta M1 was designed by Frank Nuovo, a chief designer at Nokia and Vertu, and it is made for both iOS and Android. It is a smartwatch that is not banking on all kinds of features, but really just on giving the user notifications.

Meta M1 Smartwatch Design

In fact, it has a monochrome LCD display with 126 x 126 resolution. Some of you might find this rather unexciting considering that a lot of the big smartwatches on the market promise full color displays, with much bigger resolutions. Yes, the screen is small, which will hopefully not impair the user from reading the text messages, emails, and other types of notifications that you can receive.

So you might find these features under-whelming, but the M1 does have very decent features that give a lot of other smartwatches out there a run for their money. For example, it is slightly water resistant, and its battery is good for about 5-7 days. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and it can work with many different applications.But the main thing that stands out about the Meta M1 Smartwatch is its gorgeous design. It’s a watch you could actually wear just because it looks good – and then it has smartwatch functionality to top it off.

You can get the Meta M1 for pre-order now. The first is with a stainless steel case with a natural rubber strap for £190/$249. The second is a case and band in black stainless steel design for about $449. By the way, the user can actually change the watch faces.

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