Apple WatchKit Available November 2015

I’m not certain if you know this, but our applications don’t just spring out of nowhere. Sure, you all knew that, but you might know that in order to develop apps, you need a developer’s kit. I am speaking to just consumers now. The Apple Watch is an entirely new product for the company, and it intends to unveil the developer’s kit sometime in November.

Apple Watchkit

There is speculation that the developers kit for the Apple Watch won’t be a game-changer in the app-building world. This is what my Source says, and Matt Runo, the Android Development Manager for Zappos, describes the Apple Watch as well as Android Wear as add-ons.

I’m going to offer an opinion here about the WatchKit. Considering that Apple had to change their form of interface to accommodate the Apple Watch’s small screen, I would think that developers would not have adapt to it too much. I suppose it will be as difficult as updating to the new version of Android. As someone who has developed with these updates, I am not certain if working with Android Wear is any different.

Here’s something else that my Source says that is a bit more unbelievable. Apparently, some third party applications for the wearable, like Twitter, American Airlines, Pinterest, and other kinds of applications. I would imagine that these are the types of apps that would have to be available when the Apple Watch shows up on wrists in February.

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