Moto 360 Smartwatch Wireless Charging Dock

In case you are not aware, Motorola is developing a smartwatch known as the Moto 360, which will run Google’s Android Wear operating system. A recent posting from an Italian blog known as Mister Gadget has revealed a possible charging dock for the Moto 360.

This charging dock is wireless, which means that the user can place it on the circular stage and let the Qi wireless system power it up, with no USB cord required. This is similar to devices known as the Powermat, which require a special case for your smartphone in order to wirelessly charge mobile devices through magnetic contact.


In addition to the wireless charging, this charging dock has another unique feature. Apparently, users will be able to fully view the smartwatch screen while smartwatch is charging, even to the point of continuing to receive notifications and other info.

Of course, Motorola has not confirmed that this wireless charging dock exists. Motorola executive Jim Wicks stated that there will be a “secret” method of charging, and it looks like this secret might be out.

Speaking of secrets that are out, my Sources have revealed that there is some kind of heart rate sensor on the Moto 360. Now, if we could only narrow down the cost of the watch. One of my Sources reveals about £225/$337.

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