Ritot Smartwatch has Projector Instead of Screen

I said in my previous article on the Pavlok that the smartwatch market is pretty young, and I doubt that we have even scratched the surface when it comes to smartwatch apps. The Ritot promises to be very different as it can project the time, and other things on to your wrist.

You will notice that the Ritot shuns the traditional smartwatch look as it drops the screen entirely. Not only will it project the time safely on the user’s wrist, but it will give you some notifications like email, text messages, caller ID, Facebook messages, tweets, and weather alerts.

I have to admit, it is unusual, but don’t worry, the projections will not stay there for long. It will last about 10 seconds, and then fade. While we are on the subject of power, it will last 150 hours of projection. I’m going to assume that it must be charged like your cellphone, but it has a one month in standby mode.

ritot smartwatch wristband different colours

Now, this is a pico-projector, which have been popular for some smartphones, but this is not a standard feature. I think that it people might not want to see apps on their hand, and I have no idea if you can use the back of your hand like a touchscreen. Can you imagine having the homescreen of your smartphone on your hand?

Now, there isn’t really a projected date for its release, because it is an Indiegogo project. That means it needs your funding to get it going. A pledge of about $120 will get you one when it comes out.

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