Withings Activité: Smartwatch or Fitness Band?

When I think of a smartwatch, I think of the Galaxy Gear or Sony’s Smartwatch. When I think of Withings, I think of a lot of cool fitness products that they make such as their smart scales, activity trackers, and a wireless blood pressure monitor. But the Withings Activité is different somehow. 

Yes, Withings are famous for their fitness products, and this timepiece is designed for tracking activity, which includes an accelerometer for tracking steps, including walking and running. It can also track distance, calories, sleep;  not to mention swimming. I am going to assume that it is at least partially water-resistant if it can go in water.

Not only can it track your fit lifestyle, but it can do it in style

You will notice that the watch shuns digital chic and goes for authentic Swiss Analog instead. There is a a separate hand made for showing your progress in walking or swimming, and it even has another indicator with slight vibrations. These vibrations can be used as an alarm as well as every time a fitness goal is achieved.


The watch is iOS and Bluetooth compatible, and an application can set up the alarm and fitness goals

One unusual feature is the “responsive glass” which allows the user the ability to tap twice to check the time of the alarm clock. I’ve never heard of this feature on any other mobile device before, and I am surprised that the main website does not elaborate on something that sounds quite unique. Another interesting feature is that it will automatically adjust to whatever timezone that you are in. I would like to see it automatically adjust after an International flight.

The Withings Activité costs about £230/$390 USD and will be available in Black or Silver.

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