Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 Will Have Stunning Curved Screen

Just when I thought I was finished reporting on the Samsung Galaxy Gear with its Tizen Mod 3 update, I found the latest about the Galaxy Gear 3. As far as I know, this isn’t a rumor, but the Gear 3 will have a curved screen.

This is a weird step for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch series, as the Gear 2 has a 1.6 inch square panel. If the Gear 3 is curved, I would imagine that it might be harder to make. Then again, there are a lot of smartphones out there that have curved screens. I suppose that a smartwatch with a curved screen makes more since, since the wrist is naturally curved.

The report about the curved screen on the Gear 3 also states that its AMOLED screen should have “a very pronounced curve, greater than the curved display on Gear Fit”. I’m not certain if that is a fact, and there is speculation that there will be a rectangular home button, like the type on Android smartphones. I believe that the operating system will be Tizen OS.

Again, there isn’t really a confirmation for these rumors, but this report from my Source states that the Gear 3 will have a “cellular radio”, which enables it to make calls and send text messages. We will probably have to wait until next month at IFA when the Gear 3 will officially be on display.

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