Wellograph, a Sapphire Crystal Wellness SmartWatch

What are we looking at is the Wellograph Sapphire wellness watch. In case you are wondering what makes it sapphire when it is not traditional sapphire blue, it is because its name comes from the specially-shaped sapphire crystal.

The Sapphire Wellness watch has a Tri-LED Heart Rate Sensor that is essentially works like a doctor’s fingertip on one’s pulse. That was the way the website describes it, and it monitors your fitness. It also has a 9-axis motion sensor to track all kinds of activities like heart rate and calories burned.

Welograph Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

It also gives users access to real-time information such as distance covered as well as current pace. Believe it or not, the Wellograph is also designed to keep track of your idle time, for those who really want to know how long they haven’t been exercising.

Of course, users also have access to a Wellograph App, which allows users to see their health information on “easily-digestible” cards on their smartphone or tablet. This application is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

In addition to the domed sapphire crystal, the Sapphire is also made with an aluminum case back as well as machined aluminum side buttons. Just to let you know, the battery life is pretty good at 7 days per charge.

If you want the Wellograph Sapphire watch, you can get it in Silver Satin (brown leather strap) or Black Chrome (black leather strap) for about $349 on the Wellograph Store.

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