iWatch Rumor Roundup – Summer 2014

We at Smartwatch Reviews are holding our breath for September 9th. Apple is planned to make a big announcement on that day, and most reports believe Apple will announce the new iPhone. Some have said that they will also unveil their smartwatch.

This has been rumored for a long time, and we have already stated here that 3 million units could be shipped by 2014, it could have a patented “iTime” strap, and it will emphasize fitness among four other rumors.

iwatch Release Date and Rumours 2014

So what more can we say? In addition to the emphasis on fitness, the iWatch might also put an emphasis on home automation. I haven’t heard anything about that one, but one of the bigger questions is the screen size.

Some reports, like those from Reuters and Wall Street Journal, have suggested a size of approximately 2.5 inches. That is pretty large, which would make it a pretty thick band.

Considering all the rumors about the band, it is possible that there will be all kinds of sensors like sleep tracking, as well as an accelerometer, magnometer, and altimeter. The one thing that had better be on the iWatch menu is a longer battery life, as a device such as this should last longer than a few hours.

Of course, the fact that everyone will want to know is the price. So far, the highest figure that I have heard about so far is about £300/$400. Yes, that is very high for a smartwatch, but I think that Apple will make this high-end and hopefully worth it. I suppose that we shall see.

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