Swatch Touch Smartwatch Battery Will Last Six Months

We have reported on Swatch before, and how they intend to get into the smartwatch business. Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek says that the first step is making a smartwatch with a very strong battery would be the first step.

Swatch Touch Smartwatch

In their case, they are attempting to make a battery for a smartwatch that will last six months. I have to admit this is a good idea, as a lot of smartwatches have to be charged once per day. If smartwatches are supposed to do what they are supposed to, then they have to last a while.

So far, Swatch is working on a Touch line of watches, which include the Touch Zero for volleyball players earlier this year. I have no idea how much the charge that the Touch Zero can hold, but I believe that Swatch has the right idea. Any smartwatch that has a battery life of a half a year is easily worth the price of purchase compared to the Apple Watch, Moto 360, and others.

According to my Source, the findings of this long-lasting battery project are going to be used in cars. So does this mean that we will be seeing a long lasting battery in a car, why not a cellular phone? Well, hopefully this will not be the only way that smartphones will influence technology.

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