Swatch is Getting into the Smartwatch Business

Funk meets tech…

I have to admit that some of my audience may not have even heard of Swatch, and I don’t want to admit that I remember Swatch’s golden age in the eighties. To me, the Swatch watch symbolized that decade as it came in many pastel colors and its swatch-guards were like the required screen-guards of their day.

This begs the question: what ever happened to Swatch?

Oh, they are still around. Two years ago, they put out a Touch watch with a convex LCD touchscreeen, as well as an alarm, timer, and chronograph functionality. So why in the world would a company so famous for watches not create a smartwatch?

According to my Source, the company intends to add fitness functions to their watches. I would imagine that means they will create a fitness band, rather than an actual smartwatch. Then again, they could always go the whole nine yards and make themselves an actual smartwatch, but I don’t think it will make it independent of a smartphone.

If Swatch does really want to enter into this crowding market of fitness bands or even smartwatches, then I would highly suggest some sort of serious ad campaign to remind users the contributions that they made to the chronograph business back in the eighties. I honestly think they have a good chance to make a serious comeback.

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