The Omate X is a New Kind of Smartwatch

About a year ago, Omate unveiled the TrueSmart cellular watch. It was powered by Android’s TrueSmart, but it was draining the battery faster than users would want. The new version, the Omate X, has a notification system that keeps the battery up and running for about a week without charging… and that’s not all that’s improved.


The Omate X recently put itself out on Kickstarter, and here is what we know: it should have a 1.54 inch, 240 x 240 colour touchscreen. It will also have MediaTek’s Aster (MT2502) platform instead of Android. I have heard that the Omate X can work along iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

A system known as Nucleus RTOS will handle all the notifications, which will result in a drainage of less power, hopefully. It also features interchangeable straps, curved touch panel, microphone, and sapphire coating.

As far as the price goes, the official website will be about £95/$129 on September 1st. Those that get in on the early bird discount on Kickstarter can get it for about £70/$99.

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