Vtech’s Kidizoom is “My First Smartwatch”

I’m sure that anyone who has both a smartphone and young children have quickly learned how much the little ones love to play with anything with a touchscreen. I completely understand, and I would imagine that smartwatches look like toys to those of younger eyes.

vtech_kidizoom_children's Smartwatc

VTech was smart enough to realize that a smartwatch could be a toy and created the Kidizoom. While it might not be able to pair with a smartphone so you can check your notifications, it does have downloadable apps available when it is plugged into a computer.

Some of the applications include a voice memo feature, not to mention apps for creating grocery lists, work projects, and appointments. Who knew the younger generation was so busy? Well, when the kids are done with their daily tasks, they can play the games, which include Super Detective, Rotating Puzzle, Finger Dance, and Time Master.

The touchscreen has a 128 x 128 resolution, and it even has a camera. The camera is capable of 640 x 480 photos, and it is also capable of video.

Well, if you or someone younger than you wants to get in on this toy smartwatch, head on over to the VTech website and pay about $59.99 for it. It is available in four colors including blue, white, pink, and green.

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