Vogue China Will Feature the Apple Watch on November Issue

I’ve said before that smartwatches look too technical and are not as fashionable as a real watch, but new models are coming out that could change all of that. And now the Apple Watch is slated to appear on Vogue China’s November issue.

I’m guessing that any outfit that appears on the cover of Vogue will probably increase its demand times one hundred, so I can imagine that having the Apple Watch on the cover of Vogue China will increase its exposure immensely.

In fact, my Source reveals that Vogue China met with Tim Cook, Apple CEO, and top designer Jony Ive long before the Apple Watch was unveiled. I don’t know if I should be surprised by this, as I would imagine that big companies like Apple meet with a lot of influential people way before big products are unveiled.

Tim Cook Apple

My Source also reveals that the 18-karat gold Apple Watch will receive top cover attention. I honestly wonder if a human model is even required for the Apple Watch, or if she is there for tradition. Those Yvan Arpa style watches could easily stand on their own.

Yes, I honestly don’t know if the Apple Watch really needs any attention from Vogue from any country, but it does show that a smartwatch can actually be jewelry. It is a definite step forward for smartwatches being a more classy affair.

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