Swatch Moving into SmartWatch Game… Slowly

Okay, let’s just get this out in the open. I think that it is odd that the mobile phone companies got into the smartwatch business before the watch business did. Companies like Swatch, who ruled the watch market in the early eighties should have jumped on this bandwagon.

Swatch Smartwatch 2015 16

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek is actually saying that the company is looking into the smartwatch business, and they will be unveiling the Touch Zero Two around the Rio Olympics in August. However, they are not necessarily looking for some “computer for the wrist”.

What you might get is possibly the equivalent of a smartband, so it will probably give you notifications as well as the time. It is possible that Swatch might be trying to find some new niche in the wearables industry. There’s already the Swatch Zero One, and a sequel is on its way.

There is some other news that Swatch fans might find interesting. You know that phrase that Steve Jobs used to say when he presented the newest Apple device? Something about “one more thing”, right? Apparently, Swatch wants to register a European trademark for that catchphrase.

Considering that Apple had their smartwatch, this could make Swatch and Apple something like competitors. However, it is too early to see why Swatch wants this phrase trademarked or what their newest smartwatch or smartband will be.

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