IriTech FiDELYS Smartwatch Has Iris Recognition Technology

Many smartwatches have standard features like wirelessly syncing with a smartphone or a camera, but the IriTech FiDELYS Smartwatch goes out of its way to have a feature that could easily become a smartwatch standard.

The Ritot smartwatch projects on to your hand, the Arrow smartwatch has a 360-degree adjustable camera. But the FiDELYS smartwatch from IriTech has iris recognition.


To me, this completely makes sense. After all, a lot of smartphones have facial recognition or other kinds of biometric identifiers in order to keep those other than the registered user from using them. Why not have a smartwatch that can do the same thing? After all, you are already looking at it, you just should have it scan your iris for proper identification.

As far as other stand-out features of the FiDELYS, it has a rotating-clicking bezel that serves as some kind of user interface. Oddly enough, I don’t have any information on either of this product’s two stand-out features.

The reason why I don’t have much information about the features is because it is an Indiegogo project. I’m sure you are all familiar with Indiegogo, but if you aren’t, it is where crowdfunded project that depends on your money to make it to the market. If you want to donate to it, you can get it for about $200 early-bird special. If you wait until it hits the market, it will probably be about $250.

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