Make Your Own Smartwatch with TinyScreen

I’m sure there are readers who are looking at this post from a computer that you have made with your own hands and parts. I personally admire you if you can do this, and I’m sure you are saving a bundle compared to those that just buy their computers.

Make Your Own Smartwatch with TinyScreen computer games

This DIY spirit will soon be applied to smartwatches with the TinyScreen from Tiny Circuits. This is a Kickstarter project that has more than met its funding goals, and it allows the user to design his or her own smartwatch.

The TinyScreen is an Arduino-powered screen that is about the size of the user’s thumb. The kit comes with a default smartwatch with a video player as well as video game apps.

This smartwatch kit costs about $85, which comes with a Bluetooth module. You can also pay a larger price of up to $200 for a sensor kit which brings an accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, and Wi-Fi to the package.

As for the band, you can design your own using a 3D printer or some other method of construction. In addition to being able to design a smartwatch, you can also design a very small device made for playing games like Asteroids and Flappy bird.

So is TinyScreen the beginning of a new trend? Will there be all kinds of competitors which will bring all kinds of DIY smartwatches on the wrists of everyone, everywhere? I don’t see why not.

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