Casio G-SHOCK Limited Edition HUF Timepiece

We have covered the Casio G-Shock series before. Technically, they aren’t really smartwatches, but they are smarter than most things that fit around your wrist. The G-Shock brand name is familiar to most watch-wearing crowds, and the G-Shock GD400HUF-1 model is quite an accessory.

Casio G-SHOCK Limited Edition HUF

What you are seeing is a limited edition timepiece that, according to my Source, uses the platform of the skate-inspired GD400. It has a bold metal face proetcor, super illuminator LED, as well as an extra tough lug band attachment. The band is apparently inspired by “cracked concrete”, and the HUF logo is on the back, and will appear when the light is activated.

For those unfamiliar with the G-Shock label, you will get a tough watch that is capable of 200-meters of water resistance. Other features include 5 daily alarms, 48-city world time, a countdown timer, stopwatch, and the ability to shift into 24-hour military time.

In short, the Casio G-Shock GD400HUF-1 model is made to take a lot of the pressures of life, but it certainly looks beautiful enough to be a stylish watch, even if it is not as fancy as an Omega or Rolex watch. The Casio G-Shock HUF timepiece (GD400HUF-1) is expected to be available later this May for a price of $190.

That is a lot cheaper than an Apple Watch. On an unrelated note, you might notice that certain smartwatches are getting a dramatic reduction in price.

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