Casio Smartwatch in the Making

Okay, I want you to tell me the first five companies when it comes to watches. I’m sure that Timex comes to mind, and Rolex if you can afford it. Chances are, you are also thinking Casio, makers of all those cool digital watches back in the eighties.

Casio Smartwatch

Now, we have reported on Casio products before, such as the G-Shock GBA-400 as well as the great G-SHOCK Limited Edition. You would think that Casio, a name in watches, would want to seriously get into the smartwatch game, and you would be right.

As it so happens, there are some developments from the company that show that the company is working on. We don’t really have a lot of detail on these smartwatches based on article from The Wall Street Journal. Now, the article suggested that the company is working to hit a “level of smartwatch perfection”.

Apparently, the company has a huge $80 million invested in this project. You would seriously be expecting a good return for that, and I’m not even certain that Apple is making that kind of money. Casio wants to have it on sale domestically and to Japan next March for a price of $400. I don’t know what operating system it will have, but I am guessing Android Wear.

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