Game Boy Emulator Running on Android Wear

I think we all know that smartwatches were originally designed for all kinds of applications on our wrist, but most people really want games to pass our time. After all, we had watches that could play LED games back in the eighties.

Thanks to Corbin Davenport, who also created a hack to run Windows 95 on Android Wear. He actually created a miniature Game Boy VBC emulator working on Samsung Gear Live.

Keep in mind that you will need some kind of Bluetooth gamepad to play these games, but that is a small price to pay for having the fun of a Game Boy Color on your wrist. If you are concerned about the small screen size, you need not be. After all, the Game Boy Micro’s two-inch display is about the size of the Gear Live’s screen.

You know, this leads me to ask several questions: why do I need some kind of emulator hack to run Nintendo games on my smartwatch or any other kind of mobile device? My point is that we all want to play games on our mobile device, and some of the best games were on the Game Boy.

I know a lot of us have gaming emulators on our computers, so why shouldn’t we have them on our mobiles? Perhaps this emulator on this watch will begin a new trend for mobile gaming.

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