Best Wearable Technology on Display at CES 2015

CES 2015 happened in Las Vegas on January 6-9, and the annual consumer electronics show had some seriously impressive wearable tech on display. Here’s a quick overview of the very best!

1. Misfit Shine Fitnees and Sleep Monitor Smartwatch

This company makes a lot of connected devices, and one of them is the Shine, a Fitness and Sleep monitor. It is a very small disc that attaches to a band, and it is waterproof up to 50 meters.

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2. Ampstrip Fitness Tracker

This was once an Indiegogo project but it is a thin, sensor-filled strip that you can wear on your torso all day, every day. It monitors your heart and provide feedback about athletic performance and recovery. It won a CES Innovation Award, and its small size and stickable nature could set a new standard amongst fitness gadgets.

3. Mira Fitness Tracker Bracelet


This is a stylish bracelet, activity tracker, and a mobile application all rolled into one. You can even remove the detachable tracker, and it is marketed for women with all kinds of tracking activities.

4. Kiband “Kid Tracker”

This Kiband is a Bluetooth tag which is designed with kids in mind. It essentially is a Bluetooth band to alert parents should a child’s location before they get out of sight.

5. Gymwatch Personal Fitness Coach

The Gymwatch Sensor is more than just a fitness band. It gives real-time personal coaching, and mathematical analysis of training. What is interesting is that the band actually knows how much weight you are lifting.

6. Bellabeat “Pregnancy Tracker”Bellabeat Pregnancy Tracker

This company makes some interesting wearables, and they are definitely made for women. The Leaf is an smart activity tracker that looks like a charm bracelet like jewelry. The company also makes the Balance, a sensitive smart scale, and the Shell, a smart pregnancy monitor.

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7. TempTraq Children’s Temperature Tracker

This is very similar to the Ampstrip as it is a soft wearable patch. It looks to be made for children, and it is the only wearable, wireless, intelligent thermometer. You can track the wearer’s temperature via Bluetooth on an iOS or Android phone, and sending alerts when necessary.

8. Healbe GoBe “Automatic Body Manager”

The company states that this is more than an activity tracker, but it provides the most accurate comprehensive information from your body, then delivers it to your smartphone.

9. Wonderwoof “Dog Fitness Tracker”

Wonderwoof Wondermento Dog Fitness tracker

This is definitely a unique wearable as it is designed for dogs. The Wonderwoof is essentially an exercise tracking social network for dogs. Not only is it a tracker for the dog, but you can schedule playdates for the dog, even earning achievement bones and badges.

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