Vogue Talks with Jony Ive About the Apple Watch

We’ve mentioned before that the design of the Apple Watch did not have any input from the late Steve Jobs, but we also mentioned one particular designer named Jony Ive. This designer is famous for the the iMac, iPad, and even the character of EVE from Wall-E. Vogue magazine had a chance to interview Ive, and even a chance to see the Apple Watch before its official unveiling, which was held under extreme lock and key.

Apple Design Headquarters

Needless to say, Ive is very proud of his designs, and he was on the project for a few years. What is really interesting is how the Vogue interviewer states: “The cell phone, of course, killed the watch to some extent. Now he [Ive] wants to reset the balance”.

Jony Ive’s designs might be famous for creating that minimalist white feel that we associate with Apple. Ive wanted to focus on simplicity with the Apple Watch, as he was concerned that “technology tends to inhibit rather than enable more nuanced, subtle communication”.

Ive then asks a really good question that a craftsman would ask: “Is he making tools that improve the world or shut people down?”

Watch it here

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