How the Apple Watch Will Change the Smartwatch Market

Apple has been working on their smartwatch for years. I would imagine it was difficult to keep a project like this under wraps for all this time, and of course, there were many rumors. Even though it won’t be released until February 2015, I believe that we have begun a new era for the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Screen Display

I think it is pretty clear that Apple’s foray into the smartwatch market is going to take smartwatches to the next level. Right now, the smartwatch market is limited, even though the Moto 360 and Galaxy Gear are pretty good products. Now I feel that Apple has set the standard high for smartwatches.

Apple already changed the landscape of smartphones with the iPhone, and made the tablet a must with the iPad. Is there any reason to think that Apple’s flagship smartwatch won’t have the same effect?

Different Apple Watch Versions

If this is the case, then I suppose that we can look forward to an age where more people will have a smartwatch. This means that we don’t have to take out our phones or tablets when we need to see a notification or check our calendar.

I also think it is interesting to see how Apple worked so hard to have a unique interface that can work on such a small screen. For me, I do much better work on my laptop than on a smartphone, but to the generations that are being raised by smartphones, this generation could easily adapt to smartwatches.

Different finishes of Apple Smartwatch

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