Will the Gold Apple Watch Cost over $1,000?

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Of course we will be reporting on Apple’s Watch since its announcement, and it will clearly change the world of smartwatches as we know it. There was a mention at the Apple Watch announcement that there would be a 18-karat gold edition, and I have some more information about it.

For example, the big announcement didn’t say the price of the 18k edition. According to TechCrunch, it will be about $1,200, which is three and a half times the projected cost of the regular starting price.

This is a big price increase, but it actually matches rumors before the Apple Watch years before its creation. Yes, there was a word out that Apple was working on a watch that would cost “thousands”. Well, I would hardly call $1,200 “thousands”, but let’s just put it this way: if Apple did have a smartwatch that cost thousands, I believe that there is a certain 1 percent that would pay that price just to have it. I mean, look at how the Rolex is branded. It’s a watch you have for the sake of having it, even though a cheap plastic one will do essentially the same thing.

Since the watch won’t be out until 2015, we won’t hear a final price until then.

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