LG G Watch R2 Rumoured to Offer 4G Capability

LG has already released one watch this year with the G Watch R. As you can see from the headline, there is a rumor that the big LG is working on a LG G Watch R2, which will have 4G capability.


This would be the first smartwatch that would have 4G capability. It is good to see that one is going into the 4G realm, as the Samsung Gear S has 3G capability. I believe that Samsung was very proud of the fact that their smartwatch does not require a phone for communication, as they have that ad that compares it to watches from speculative fiction TV and movies.

I’m not certain whether or not the general smartwatch consumer market wants this “talk to the hand” feature, but I suppose that kicking it into the realm of 4G is just the next logical step. Of course, it might be difficult to have 4G with battery life as well as other features.

If LG is making such a watch, it would be smart to unveil it at either CES 2015 in a few weeks, or wait until Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Yeah, CES is pretty close, but a few months makes it more reasonable.

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